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When a leak really is legit

About this time last week, the draft G8 climate change text appeared on a minor climate mailing list. I read this with interest, and not entirely sure it was legit (after all, why wasn't it in the national press too?) put it to one side rather than reproduce bad data.

Then a few days later, it did indeed appear in the national press. Here's Saturday's Guardian article, and I've uploaded the full orginal leak for you to read.

Basically, it's a load of spin, without actually saying anybody is committed to anything. It'll work well for sound-bites, but it's a failed conference before it starts if this is the text they're working from.

CAT gives Bellamy the middle finger

Something that I definitely do have the exclusive on: The Centre for Alternative Technology, Europe's largest eco-centre, has finally just kicked David Bellamy off its patrons list for climate change denial and fervent anti-wind activity.

An interested article by George Monbiot analysing some of Bellamy's recent statements can be found here. It seems his latest stats come straight from the previously documented Cooler Heads Coalition (Exxon lobby group) and..err..a typo:

"So it wasn't looking too good for Bellamy, or Singer, or any of the deniers who have cited these figures. But there was still one mystery to clear up. While Bellamy's source claimed that 55% of 625 glaciers are advancing, Bellamy claimed that 555 of them - or 89% - are advancing.

"This figure appears to exist nowhere else. But on the standard English keyboard, 5 and % occupy the same key. If you try to hit %, but fail to press shift, you get 555, instead of 55%. This is the only explanation I can produce for his figure. When I challenged him, he admitted that there had been "a glitch of the electronics"."

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