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360 degree view of climate change

UK broadsheet the Guardian has published some breathtakingly beautiful satellite pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

"Kilimanjaro's trademark snowy cap, at 5,895 metres (1,934ft), is now all but gone - 15 years before scientists predicted it would melt through global warming. In Swahili Kilima Njaro means shining mountain, but the glaciers and snow cap that kept the summit white, probably for 11,000 years - despite the location, in Tanzania, 200 miles south of the equator - have almost disappeared."

The photographs can be viewed from this link.

I now have time to dedicate again to the regular maintaining of this blog, so expect a few "catch up" posts at the end of the week. A lot has happened, the UK government's conference of scientists on climate change now fades into the distance but still will be covered, as does the publishing of report on water salinity which made the global press coverage a couple of weeks ago.

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